Pen + Ink


Pen and Ink Gallery of original art works.

These Pen & Ink works demonstrate Max’s traditional drawing skills and detailed draughtsmanship. Yet, in some cases, exaggerated proportions or distorted perspective are used to focus attention on the characteristic personality and emotive impact of the subjects.  This is particularly true of the three animal drawings.


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Music Room

Pen & Ink, Commissioned work, 2017

Not for sale

The florid intensity of patterns and distorted perspective create a colourful psychedelic effect despite being in black and white. At the same time, the drawing resonates depth, stillness and calm and the musician's personality is captured in the hat.


Pen & Ink, Commissioned work, 2016

Not for sale

Myathropa florea - a hoverfly with "attitude", especially in the mating season. They bask on sun-drenched leaves at the woodland edge, or often hover assertively in the sunshine a few inches above ones head.

Sound and Furry

Pen & Ink, Commissioned work, 2016

Not for sale

This group of furry Celtic musicians transmit a sense of warmth and camaraderie, relaxation and style of centuries-old folk traditions.

Llandudno Promenade

Pen & Ink, 2004

Not currently for sale

From the Promenade to the Great Orme head, this drawing faithfully captures the salient features and conveys the allure of the out of season seaside town.

Afro Lady

Pen & Ink, 2013

Not currently for sale

This fanciful, detailed and idealised drawing expresses a forceful yet vulnerable character.


Pen & Ink        2013

Not currently for sale

Combining observation of detailed and anatomically correct features with an enlarged head that creates an entreating, pleading vulnerability.


Pen & Ink        2014

Not currently for sale

While based on anatomically correct details, the enlarged head creates a wild yet soft, appealing expression of eyes, and quiver of nose.


Pen & Ink        2013

Not currently for sale

The fox's distorted proportions and facial features  convey its wily, detached, disdainful character against the moonscape.

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